Books by Apostle Howard

The power of series

The Power Of Belief

Understanding the essence of our foundation in the Kingdom of God.

The Power Of Forgiveness

Learning how to walk out forgiveness and embrace the healing from it.

Understanding The Kingdom titles

Understanding The Kingdom, Vol. 1

Understanding Kingdom Commonwealth, Life, & Government, all in one, plus more.

Understanding Kingdom Commonwealth

Learning how to operate in Kingdom Commonwealth according to God's system and design.

Understanding Kingdom

Learning and understanding God's Kingdom way of life for us on earth. 

Understanding Kingdom

Learning about God’s governmental order from a Kingdom perspective.

The Dominion Mandate

An introduction to God's Kingdom governmental order.

The Absolution Of
Kingdom Truth

Gaining more understanding of God's Kingdom truth.

diary of the saints series

Diary Of The Saints -
Dawn Of The Heroine Saga
2024 Calendar

Honoring the Historical Legacies of Biblical Heroines.

Diary Of The Saints -
Dawn Of The Heroine Saga (HARDCOVER ONLY)

A pictorial accounting of some of the most incredible and influential women of the Bible.

Diary Of The Saints -
The Passion Monologues

A collection of characterized accounts of the passion of Jesus Christ.

Diary Of The Saints -
The Chronicles Of David

A characterization of some of the biblical figures form the time of King David.​

Diary Of The Saints -
The Color Of A Dream

The life and times of Joseph.

kingdom nuggets series

Kingdom Nuggets

Practical Kingdom living for everyday complex lives.

Kingdom Nuggets 2

Practical Kingdom application for living in a complex world.

Kingdom Nuggets 3

Practical Kingdom truths to apply to complex lifestyles.

Kingdom Nuggets 4

Practical Kingdom Answers to Life’s Everyday Situations.

Kingdom Nuggets Anthology

A collection of Kingdom revelations, thoughts, and biblical narratives.

success thoughts titles

Success Thoughts
Life Confessions

90 days of confessions and affirmations to jump start you on your way to a more successful future.​

The Success Diaries

Chronicles of overcoming struggle and achieving success.​

Success In Life

Living the life you want in your thoughts and emotions.

the secrets of anger titles

The Secrets Of Anger

How to recognize and overcome its destructive effects.​

The Secrets Of Anger - 30 Days To Mastery

Powerful, Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Anger.

other titles

According To Your Words

Understanding how to apply and use God's Word in the Kingdom.

Applications Wanted

How to rethink the role of trials and tribulations in your life.

Finding Your Center

How to handle Godly separation and find more of your authentic self.​

Go & Sin No More

Living a life free from sin.

Go Through The Process

Learning how to be processed for Kingdom use.

His Strength Is Made Perfect

Allowing the press of adversity to make you strong.

In The Fullness Of Time

How to walk through the process of maturity, time and seasons, and wait on God.

Loving Me Some Me!

Learning how to love who you really are, flaws and all.

Rainbows In The Kingdom

An in-depth Kingdom perspective on the LGBT community in the Church and how we should relate to them.

Seed & Soil

God's Kingdom intent for sowing and reaping.

So You Wanna Write A Book?

A simple self-help guide on how to self-publish your book.​

The Crucible Of Suffering

Gaining a better understanding of suffering and how to go through it.

The Evolution Of You

Enjoying the process of who you are becoming.

The Price of Friendship

Learning and understanding what it takes to be a true friend.

The Richest Place On Earth

Debunking the value of the graveyard.


Realizing the unrelenting Kingdom potential inside of you.

Understanding Your Gift

​Understanding your gift by purpose and design.​

Write The Vision

How to write form a Kingdom perspective. Includes the book, "So You Wanna Write A Book"​